The 5280 Drug Testing Team

The foundation that 5280 Drug Testing Company is built on is that of integrity, honesty, and commitment to our clients.

​Perfection is a quality that has been attained by only One and our philosophy is that the art of providing exceptional customer service is not about delivering perfection but in delivering on an expectation when things aren’t status quo.  Our staff is empowered to use their knowledge, creativity, and common sense to ensure that the expectation of our clients are met.

Meet the Executive Team

Tricia Engelbert, Chief Executive Officer, President, RN

5280 Drug Testing Company was founded in September 2010 after realizing there was a need in our community for a professional & respectful environment for individuals and professionals in our community to do their drug and alcohol testing.  Drug testing can cause anxiety for a lot of people, regardless of the reason. Whether testing for employment, for school, or for court, I believed that we could bring a higher degree of dignity to the process while still maintaining an even higher level of integrity. Whether locally or across the nation, we set a high standard for those who partner with us, including our 25,000 + collection site network.

20 years of marriage, 3 kids and 2 dogs has given me the support, courage, creativity and insanity to continue to build a company that my grandmother would be proud of, as it was created in honor of her memory and of the life changing contributions she made to my life. I am lucky to have Oklahoma City roots, Texas and California branches, and Colorado blossoms.

Donna Wagner, Chief Operating Officer

Experienced and educated in administration and management, I enjoy putting processes in place that result in growth for the company and personal satisfaction for the employees.  I have the gift of encouragement, a knack with organization and I believe teamwork is superior to individual achievement.

My husband and I met while studying at Abilene Christian University, and have been married for over 26 years.  Having four children has strengthened my faith, tried my patience and fostered an intense sense of humor.  I strive daily to treat others with respect and maintain high integrity in my work and personal life.  My goal is to help others be their best and to hear as I walk away – there goes the real deal.

Samantha Brown, Director of Operations

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