5280 Screening Systems:

You’ve got Needs, We’ve got Systems

Employers and Human Resources

5280 HR PLUS/ 5280 AUTO PLUS

At 5280, we pride ourselves on being able to create a custom testing solution that meets the needs of your business. As an employer, we understand that what you’re looking for will likely stray from the “standard” in one way or another, so we have cultivated a team of professionals who are completely knowledgeable in all types of tests available and how they might be combined to meet your needs effectively and efficiently. Find out out how 5280 HR PLUS can streamline your employee screening process. DOT and non-DOT

Auto Dealerships have some unique needs and generally outsource a variety of services to multiple vendor providers. From background screening, to drug testing and warranty processing, 5280 AUTO PLUS brings it all together into one streamlined and efficient product.

Court and Legal


Whether court mandated, for custody/parental testing, or other testing required by attorneys and other probation/ court personnel, 5280 LEGAL PLUS has the right testing solution for your legal needs. 5280 specializes in judicial and criminal justice drug and alcohol testing.

Medical, Clinical and Allied Health Programs


5280 CLINICAL PLUS was designed for Nursing, Medical and other Allied Health Employers, Schools and Universities. This program specializes in satisfying matriculation requirements for students, residents, and other clinical faculty and staff needing drug testing/ background checks, TB tests, tithers, etc. for employment, enrollment and/ or placement in clinical rotations or other clinical situations.

Veterinarian Schools and Practices


Veterinarian practices, like other clinical facilities, can have higher instances of substance abuse than non-clinical work places due to increased levels of accessibility to psychoactive drugs. When stringent medication management protocols are not implemented, substance abuse, including diversion of drugs,  can put our family pets at higher risk for improper care. 5280 VET PLUS was designed to encourage those involved in Veterinary care to implement and follow a drug testing protocol.

Parents and Private


Through our 5280 PARENT PLUS program, 5280 Drug Testing offers a partnership to parents who have concerns about drug use among their children.  Parental drug testing through the adolescent years can help to ascertain potential problems and allow for early intervention.  We work together with parents to create a testing program that fits most appropriately with the family situation.  We can provide results to schools, coaches, counselors, diversion, court, etc. This service is private and confidential.

Tenant and Volunteers


5280 PEOPLE PLUS can help you select the perfect resident for your property. Making the right decisions can improve occupancy levels, reduce bad debt and assure compliance with regulations. Additionally, accurate volunteer screening can help protect your non-profit organization by reducing liabilities, improve the safety of an organization and help prevent negative public relations.

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