Private Drug & Alcohol Testing

There are many reasons why people need to get drug and/ or alcohol testing completed. The most obvious is for employment purposes, but there are a variety of other agencies that require drug testing. Additionally, some people have their own personal reasons for drug testing, for example, making sure they are clean before job hunting.

5280 Drug Testing Company offers a partnership to all parents who have concerns about drug use among their children.  Parental drug testing through the adolescent years can help to ascertain any potential problems and allow for early intervention.  We work together with parents to create a testing program that fits most appropriately with the family situation.  We can provide results to schools, coaches, counselors, diversion, court, etc.

Drug & Alcohol Testing Options

5280 Drug Testing offers a variety of drug & alcohol testing options including urine, saliva, hair, fingernail toenail, and blood.

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5280 Parent Plus

5280 Drug Testing provides testing services for the following:
Private Citizens
Family Law Offices
Parental Rights Evaluators
Court Personnel
Juvenile Diversion
Adult Diversion
Probation (due to the nature of our clientele, NO Violent or Sex Offenders permitted)

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