Oral Fluid/ Saliva Drug & Alcohol Testing

Easy to collect in any work environment, difficult to adulterate and best for random, cause and post-accident testing. This is also a good option when other specimens can’t be collected (no hair, can’t pee). While it’s harder to tamper with, the window of detection is shorter.

We offer a variety of drug panels with the ability to add ethanol and/or cotinine (nicotine) to any panel. Our method makes collection simple and observation gender-neutral. The collection device indicates when the correct sample volume is present. A sample of 1 ml can identify usage over the previous 12 to 48 hours for most drugs and alcohol. All presumptive positive specimens identified by our immunoassay screening are confirmed by LC-MS/MS or GC-MS.

Instant/ Rapid Oral Fluid Testing available. Call 720-476-4970 for panel options.

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