On site/ Mobile Drug & Alcohol Testing (Employers ONLY)

On site/ Mobile Drug & Alcohol Testing

5280 Drug Testing offers 24/7 on site/ mobile drug & alcohol testing services for employers needing DOT and non-DOT random, post-accident or reasonable suspicion testing.  We can arrange for these services to be provided at one of our national collection site network locations or arrange to have a collector come to your location.

Why On Site Testing?

The average time an employee spends away from the office at an off-site occupational clinic or urgent care can be approximately 2.5 hours; longer in some cases.  In many cases, a supervisor is required to accompany the employee to the clinic, leading to decreased productivity while paying two employees to sit and wait.

With on site testing, an employee can submit his/her specimen and only be away from their desk for as long as a coffee break.  This comfort and convenience helps to keeps morale high and productivity from being disrupted by keeping the distraction to a minimum.

On site testing for Random Drug Testing is not only convenient but helps to reduce the risk of specimen adulteration by significantly reducing opportunities for tampering.  This also allows for the collection of multiple donors at one time and in one secured location.

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Full Program Management & Collection Only Services

We are collection partners with DISA, Quest Diagnostics, LabCorp, Medtox, eScreen, USDTL and many others.

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