Drug Testing Window of Detection

Understanding the window of detection for drug metabolism is key to obtaining the information you are looking for. Oral testing detects the most recent use, while urine produces short to medium range results, while blood, hair and nails produce results based on a detection period of weeks to months.

Drug Testing Window of Detection

Testing Method: Window of Detection:
COC, OPI, AMP/METH, PCP 2-4 days
BARB, BZO 2-3 weeks
THC 30-45 days
ETG (Ethyl glucuronide)/ ETS Ethyl Sulfate) Alcohol Up to 80 hours
All substances 2-7 days
HAIR/ NAILS: (all substances)
Head Hair 30-90 days
Body Hair (Chest, Facial, Limb, Pubic) Up to 1 year
Fingernails 3-6 Months
Toenails 6-9 months
ETG 3 months
BLOOD: PEth Test (Alcohol Only) 2-3 weeks

Drug Abbreviations

AMP= Amphethamines

BAR= Barbiturates

BZO= Benzodiazepines

COC= Cocaine

ETG/ ETS= Ethyl glucuronide/ Ethyl Sulfate Alcohol

METH= Methamphetamines

OPI = Opiates

PCP= Phencyclidine

PEth= Phosphatidylethanol

THC= Tetrahydrocannabinol

Drugs not commonly tested for may not be listed here and may have varying windows of metabolism and detection.


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