DOT and Non-DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing

5280 Drug Testing offers variety of drug testing options from lab based drug testing to point of collection (instant) drug testing (POCT).  The type of testing and method of collection is based on the individual needs of the customer. Windows of Detection may also be a factor in determining suitable testing options.

Testing methodologies include:

For more information on Department of Transportation (DOT) Drug & Alcohol Testing Program and Consortium Management, click HERE.

Additionally, 5280 Drug Testing offers both instant and lab based cotinine (nicotine/ tobacco) testing options that can be combined with drug testing.

As an employer client, you will have access to our secure, online portal that will allow you to manage all aspects of your program from scheduling donors to checking results.  Our programs are designed to allow autonomous control while still providing an outstanding level of customer service.

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Drug and Alcohol Testing Windows of Detection

Drug and alcohol detection times vary by the drug, it’s metabolites, and the physical characteristics of an individual, including weight and physical activity.

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