​DOT Consortium Management

A drug screening consortium is an association of companies or groups of employers that join together, either as a single entity, for the purpose of DOT drug and alcohol testing of its members. The member companies add their employees to a combined random testing pool.

The DOT Consortium includes the following services:
  • DOT Compliant Drug Testing Consortium
  • Nationwide Network of Collection Sites
  • Random Drug and Alcohol Testing Program
  • Random Selection and Notification
  • Electronic Reporting of Test Results
  • Immediate Certification
  • Pre-Employment Testing
  • Federal Chain of Custody Forms
  • Management Information System (MIS) and Audit Reporting
  • Medical Review Officer (MRO) Review

5280 Drug Testing Company’s offers consortium management services for companies of all sizes needing DOT testing, including single owner-operators. Taking all of your individual needs into consideration, we will create a customized program to fit your needs.

Generally, companies with 10 or fewer employees are combined into a master consortium. Companies with greater than 10 employees will be placed in their own pool. Because of the different testing requirements, companies with employees representing multiple DOT modalities will have multiple consortiums to maintain compliance.

For companies needing drug and alcohol testing for Non-DOT (not Federally Regulated) employees, we typically set up your random pool to mirror the DOT.  Should you have additional needs or wish to test on the schedule of your choosing, we will design the program that best suits your needs.

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Department of Transportation CFR 49 Part 40

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