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Detecting FAKE URINE in Court & Custody Drug Screens

June 18th, 2019


Fake (Synthetic) Urine is sold in many head shops, smoke shops, specialty stores and on the internet. This “urine” is designed to defeat drug testing and does so with a chemical structure similar to that of human urine. There are three parameters that are commonly used to determine the validity of a urine specimen: specific gravity, creatinine and Ph. These products are designed to pass lab scrutiny and do so with relative ease.

The following results are both examples of negative urine drug tests. HOWEVER, one of the subjects CHEATED throughout the course of his testing for parenting time. His testing was NOT required to be OBSERVED, by either his attorneys or by opposing counsel. In order to ensure the integrity of urine drug testing around parenting time, it is CRITICAL that you request OBSERVED URINE DRUG TESTING.

These results are the FAKE. Subjects testing on a random schedule should be expected to have varying levels of creatinine in their urine. Creatinine is a direct reflection on the hydration status of an individual, therefore, individuals testing on a regular basis, should have fluctuating levels between testing periods. As you can see here, despite testing on different days of the week, at different times of the day, the creatinine levels have very little differences. The consistency of these creatinine levels should be suspect.

EXAMPLE: NORMAL Urine These results are REAL. This individual tests two times per week and comes in roughly the same time every day after work. Despite his predictable testing schedule, his hydration status is always inconsistent and is based directly on his fluid/ protein intake over the normal course of the day. This subject is DIRECTLY OBSERVED during his urine test to ensure the integrity of the specimen. When considering best practices, testing that is not observed should be considered suspect and should not have a legitimate place in the court record.