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Where Does Colorado Fit Into The Latest Numbers on Heroin Use?

February 10th, 2016

Heroin use is surging across the country among young adults.

…Across the county, heroin use more than doubled among young adults ages 18–25 in the past decade. How many young adults are using heroin in Colorado is much harder to say, but there are some signs it may be rising too.

First things first: The Colorado Department of Human Services uses data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health to see how people are using heroin. And NSDUH says that its state-level data on heroin use is too small to be statistically significant, so we can’t stack any national heroin use data side-by-side with Colorado.

That said, there is Colorado data on what might happen for some people after heroin use — including how many people are seeking treatment for their heroin use….click here to read more and see stats from the original story by Megan Arellano of Colorado Public Radio