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What to Expect from 5280 Drug Testing


5280 Drug Testing is family owned & operated and was founded in Denver, Colorado in September 2010. We started with a simple vision to provide a dignified and respectful place for people to do drug and alcohol testing, regardless of the reason.  When clients come into our local office they are treated to an environment that is inviting and friendly instead of cold and sterile.  When  utilizing our nationwide 25,000+ collection site network, we make every effort to locate a site that most closely aligns with our own philosophy.  We honor that by helping to make the process as comfortable as possible while ensuring that the specimen is collected with highest level of integrity.


The passage of Colorado’s Amendment 64 in 2012, legalizing the use of recreational marijuana, not only expanded our role in the drug testing industry but increased our responsibilities exponentially to our clients.  An inconsistent framework of legal precedents have left many employers confused about new policies and the state’s employees have not been adequately educated on the consequences of smoking marijuana, even off duty, outside of the workplace.  It is because of these uncertainties that 5280DTC is taking steps to ensure compliance and maintain consistency as Colorado and other states navigate the legalization of both medical and recreational marijuana.  We have taken current industry practices that have been previously used to satisfy minimum testing requirements and elevated them to a higher standard by taking steps to further decrease exposure and mitigate any potential litigation brought about by a disputed result.


The foundation that 5280 Drug Testing is built on is that of integrity, honesty, and commitment to our clients.  Perfection is a quality that has been attained by only One and our philosophy is that the art of providing exceptional customer service is not about delivering perfection but delivering on an expectation when things aren’t status quo.  Our staff is empowered to use their knowledge, creativity, and common sense to ensure that the expectation of our clients are met. ​


To ensure the accuracy and fairness of our testing programs, all testing is conducted according to Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) guidelines where applicable and include a screening test; a confirmation test; the opportunity for a split sample; review by a Medical Review Officer, including the opportunity for employees who test positive to provide a legitimate medical explanation, such as a physician’s prescription, for the positive result; and a documented chain of custody.  This protocol provides a legally valid result should any dispute arise and complies with HIPAA.


As financial stewards of your company, 5280 Drug Testing offers you the ability to have a significant impact on your bottom line.  Great service should be expected. It shouldn’t cost extra.  We don’t squeeze you into a one size fits all employee screening box. We will customize a program that truly fits your needs at a rate that is appropriate.  We will make sure that you are only paying for what you need and that you aren’t paying for high overheads unnecessarily.

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