5280 Legal Plus: ​A Complete Solution for Legal Testing Requirements

5280 Legal Plus is a complete ordering, reviewing and reporting solution designed to assist Family, Criminal Defense, DUI, & other attorneys & court personnel with determining appropriate testing methods and time-frames based on their clients/ case needs.
Designed for Lawyers/ Attorneys, Probation Officers, Judges/ Magistrates, and other Legal Entities

Court Ordered, Probation & Pre-Trial Drug and Alcohol Testing

We provide monitoring and direct observation specimen collections for adults and juveniles on probation. Due to the nature of our work with juveniles, those on probation for violent criminal or sex offenses are NOT permitted to test at our locations.  We provide reporting to probation officers, judges, district attorneys, and other court personnel as needed.  Those testing on probation must provide all pertinent court documents related to required drug and alcohol testing.  Those that have not been sentenced or ordered to do testing, may set up pre-trial testing, as often recommended by defense attorneys to establish a pattern of voluntary abstinence from drugs and/or alcohol prior to any court proceedings.

Custody and Parental Evaluation Testing:

We provide services to family law practices, the Court, parental evaluators (PRE’s), Child and Family Investigators (CFI’s) and others whose duty it is to make sure that a child is safe despite challenges happening in the family.  Divorce and other family challenges often create anxiety and fear in the children living in the home. Kids who feel unsafe, unsure, or unhappy sometimes turn to drugs and alcohol for coping.  Oftentimes, this behavior has already been modeled in the home so it seems the next natural step in the progression of adolescence and coping with the magnitude of challenges that are often associated with this period of life.  As a parent, it is your absolute obligation to keep your child safe.  Drug/ Alcohol testing during both challenging times and not, is a great tool to make sure your child is on the right path.  If not, you can help to provide early intervention to deal with problems known and unknown.

Life challenges can also be intensified by drug and/or alcohol use by one or more parent or other adult in the home.  We consult with attorney’s and PRE’s often to develop an appropriate testing plan for parents who wish to maintain custody/ partial custody/ visitation of their children when a divorce or separation occurs and there are concerns about drug or alcohol use.

In addition, we are seeing more children coming from homes that have had drug cultivation and/ or manufacturing in the home (i.e. Meth lab; marijuana grow house).  In these situations, children may be exposed drugs either from ingestion or from a environmental source.  In these situations, we offer Child Guard, a hair test for kids that can determine type of exposure and to what drug metabolites.


Types of Testing Offered:

Custody Testing Offered:

Drug Testing: We can customize the panel dependent upon the situation
Alcohol Testing: ETG (Ethyl Glucuronide); this is a direct metabolite produced by the ingestion of ethanol alcohol; urine test has a window of approximately 80 hours)
Hair Follicle Testing: Panel can be customized to include drugs and Alcohol (ETG); window of detection approximately 90 days for head hair and 1 year for body hair
Fingernail and Toenail Testing: Panel can be customized to include drugs and Alcohol (ETG); window of detection approximately 3-6 months for fingernails and 6-9 months for toenails
PEth Testing: (Phosphatidylethanol); this blood test uses this direct alcohol biomarker to indicate exposure to alcohol going back 2-3 weeks.  This tests is an accurate indicator of prolonged or binge use of alcohol.
DNA Testing: We provide DNA Testing for paternity, siblingship, grandparentage and immigration.

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