5280 Clinical Plus

Designed for Nursing, Medical, and other Allied Health Programs, School and Universities


5280 Drug Testing Company specializes in satisfying matriculation requirements for students, residents, and other clinical faculty and staff needing drug testing/ background checks, TB tests, tithers, etc. for enrollment and/ or placement in clinical rotations or other clinical situations.

We provide a secure customized platform upon which drug tests, background checks, physicals, TB tests, immunizations and other pertinent employment/ enrollment documents are delivered.

Our team will facilitate testing, locate the closest lab to the student/ staff person, send orders for drug tests, TB tests, tithers, immunizations, physicals, fingerprinting, etc., gather the information from the collection facilities and report them out, all on one report, with one log in. This eliminates the need to have multiple vendors, providing multiple sources of information, from multiple different locations.

5280 Clinical Plus

  • Provides consistency in testing and results reporting
  • No more relying on students providing their own results
  • Ensures that correct testing is completed
  • Testing is completed by a network partner at a location closest to the students residence
  • Perfect for Distance Learning Programs where students are dispersed across a large geographic location
  • Testing completed by SAMHSA approved laboratory with GC/MS confirmation
  • All test results verified by an MRO (Medical Review Officer) to ensure legal validity of the result
  • Custom payment options: direct bill university, bill student at point of collection, student pre-pay options via customized secure web link
  • On Site testing available for Random┬áDrug Testing
  • Custom panels for Veterinarian Clinics which include Vet Meds
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Ensuring student and patient safety is our top priority. Consistency and accuracy are critical to ensure that testing is completed with the highest level of integrity.