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Streamlined, Efficient & Comprehensive Drug Testing, Alcohol Testing & Background Checks

The foundation that 5280 Drug Testing is built on is that of integrity, honesty, and commitment to our clients.  Perfection is a quality that has been attained by only One & our philosophy is that the art of providing exceptional customer service is not about delivering perfection but delivering on an expectation when things aren’t status quo.  Our staff is empowered to use their knowledge, creativity, and common sense to ensure that the expectation of our clients are met. ​

5280 Drug Testing provides comprehensive DOT and non-DOT pre-employment, post-accident, and random drug and alcohol testing. We will customize a drug testing program based on the needs of your clients, taking into consideration the type of employee and job that is being performed.  We provide onsite drug testing services as well as 24/7 post-accident drug & alcohol testing. 

5280 Drug Testing offers a partnership to all parents who have concerns about drug use among their children.  Parental drug testing through the adolescent years can help to ascertain any potential problems and allow for early intervention.  We work together with parents to create a drug testing program that fits most appropriately with the family situation.

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